This subject helps us understand the key principles of Dharma (Dharma is an English non-translatable) as outlined in the Vedas.

The Vedas are essentially a set of ‘Operating manuals’ provided by the Almighty to help human beings lead their daily lives. They cover diverse topics including Spirituality, Mathematics, Material Science, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and many more.

The Vedas are truly universal and secular. Interestingly, they do not even contain the name of any religion and only prescribe how human beings can lead a healthy life in harmony with the environment and the animals around them. The various themes promoted by Vedas are egalitarian, empowering and liberating. They form the basis, as much of inner peace in every individual as they do of peace in a family, society, nation and the entire world.

It is unfortunate that the Vedas have been misinterpreted over the last few hundred years which led to many false beliefs. The Arya Samaj, started as a social movement by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati in 1875, gave a clarion call – ‘Back to Vedas’, focusing global attention towards the Vedic knowledge and culture.

Today, we face a paradoxical situation. While places of worship have increased manifold, bloodshed in the name of religion has grown exponentially. Another simultaneous trend is that the younger generation is disoriented with various religions, and is increasingly turning atheist. We believe that true knowledge of the Vedas can help youngsters experience spirituality with scientific rigor, which is the need of the hour

Vikas Arya

Faculty - English & Hindi Medium

In this core subject, we at VSS together discover answers to some of the key questions that we keep pondering over.

Does God (Ishvar) even exist? What is God’s true form? What are God’s qualities? Why pray? Various forms of dukkha (sorrow) & how do we remove them from our lives? What is ‘knowledge’? etc.

Through intense Q&A during classes, we kindle the spirit of inquisitiveness and logical thinking on this intense subject.

Vikas Arya

English & Hindi Medium

V Gotrabbhu

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Amrita Sahu

Patnagarh, Odisha

Aum Rajesh Lakhani

Pinjore, Haryana



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Soumya Rajesh Lakhani

Pinijore, Haryana

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Bengaluru, Karnataka

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